REFLEKT is a nomadic production house developing work that entertains while examining what it means to be human.

Constantly striving to expand our production capabilities, we’ve developed a diverse filmography that includes dramatic, comedic, avant-garde, and documentary work.

REFLEKT is committed to bold aesthetic risk-taking. Moving forward, we look to push the limits of our established mediums to tell stories that matter, with the potential for investigating commercial and music-video production as well.

Collin Colaizzi

Colaizzi is REFLEKT’s resident writer and director based in Los Angeles. He has helmed REFLEKT’s award-winning short films McDonald’s Man, Until the Tide Turns, and KF as well as the studio’s first extended-length film Strangers May Kiss. Colaizzi’s work focuses on the limits of language and often features characters at their most vulnerable. He is currently a film student at New York University.

Ryan Shea

Ryan Shea is a producer, editor and multi-faceted technician who has worked extensively in the film and theatre mediums. His organizational prowess and technical virtuosity is integral to every REFLEKT production. He is interested in the interplay between design and storytelling and is passionate about harnessing the power of the latest technology to enhance REFLEKT’s output. He is currently a computer science major with an arts concentration at Yale University in New Haven.